Things Around Your Home That May be Worth More Than You Think
29 Jul 2022

Things Around Your Home That May be Worth More Than You Think

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Pokemon Cards

There aren’t any Pokemon cards that can be worth a fortune. However, certain rarer Pokemon cards can fetch huge sums of money. The most expensive Pokemon card – Pikachu Illustrator -is worth $900,000, according to Game Rant.


If you own any unusable laptops at home, think about selling them through sites such as Decluttr or Gazelle. Your value for old technology will be based on the model, year, and condition. Most households have $400 to $800 as unused laptops, according to Michele Perry, a consumer expert in technology at Gazelle.

Beanie Babies

Like all collectibles, The value you get from those Beanie Babies will vary based on how rare they are. The highest prices will be found for those with rare manufacturing errors or were made for an insignificant amount of time. For example, if you own one of the Jolly Walrus Beanie Baby, it may be worth up to $70,000, Parade reported. Jolly was launched in 1997 and was subsequently retired one year after.

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With the frequency we update our phones, it’s likely that you have an unused phone within your home. Similar to laptops, the value of a trade-in will vary based on the model of the device, its age, and its state of repair, but you might be able to earn around $100 for the most outdated iPhone model. An iPhone 8 64G in good condition can be valued at $105 as per SellCell.com.

Action Figures

Action figures that are HTML0-enabled have become regarded as collectibles and can fetch quite a bit of money. So, make sure to check what your old toys are going at on eBay.


Get rid of your garage and storage areas of the furniture that is not being used and reap the cash benefits. It’s easy to sell furniture that’s not in use on sites such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, and you could earn significant cash if the items are in good working order.

Musical Instruments

If you’ve attempted to take on a new passion playing guitar or drums, and now the instrument you bought is gathering dust, it might be time to get rid of it. Getting a good return on your musical instrument – J is possible. The Money Out of Your Budget is Sexy was reported as that he sold his guitar along with other accessories at $225 via Craigslist.

Sports Equipment

Bicycles, skis, bats, golf clubs, and more are likely to be of excellent resale value. Based on the type of item, condition, and age, the buyer can receive anywhere between 30 to 60 percent of the initial worth of your sporting equipment, as Medium reports.


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