The best app lockers for iPhone & iPad Free
6 Aug 2022

The best app lockers for iPhone & iPad Free

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It’s 2022. regardless of whether you’re aware whether you do or not, mobile could be compromised by anybody who can bypass the login screen and passcode.

You can keep private business documents on your mobile device or include photographs you don’t want the entire world to view.

Certain apps block anyone else from accessing your data. They will also ensure that you don’t accidentally write private information in your emails or on the internet if you lose your phone or purchase another.

Find out seven of the top app lockers available to use on iPhone or iPad!

Why Do You Need an App Locker for the iPhone?

There are many reasons you should have an app locker for the iPhone. If you’re working with sensitive information, installing an app locker on your iPhone, free or paid, depending on you, is strongly recommended.

On the other side, it prevents anyone else with the access rights to your iPhone from accessing any personal information stored within your phone.

Another reason for setting an app locker on iPhone is to safeguard yourself from malware attacks via mobile devices, which could be capable of installing malware on phones.

Additionally, suppose you need a passcode to access all applications and programs on your device, and you don’t wish for anyone else to circumvent the restrictions. In that case, there’s no better solution than downloading app lockers to your iPhone and iPad.

 Here are our recommendations for the best free app lock for iPhone, which are also the best App to hide photos on iPhone.


It is a well-known Apps locker, which is available for Android too. This is one of the most popular tweaks to use for years, and the best part is that you can utilize it without jailbreaking your iPhone. Applocker offers a solution to those who wish to protect their apps like WhatsApp and many others.

Creating an account and password is necessary for the first time using the App. You can also use it to block your home screen layout. It is possible to use Touch ID as a password replacement, provided you are running the most recent update.


 Protect is Another excellent tweak to secure Apps for your iPhone. It has similar features to the ones discussed above. The difference is that it works with the most recent jailbroken firmware, which can be found in iOS 10.2. If you are using Yalu102 for jailbreaking your iPhone, this application can work with it.

iProtect includes features that secure not just your apps but also your contacts, photos folders, contacts, and other folders. It is possible to set up using a password or by touching ID.

Locker: Hide Photos & App Lock

This is a premium iOS apps locker. It will allow you to secure completely all the information you do not wish to share with other people through this method. You can connect safely to any application by using this method. Those who don’t want to display the application can have it disappear entirely from the home screen. People can use this to safeguard all types of information stored in their phones with a PIN or fingerprint.

Applock by DoMobile Lab – Best Applock for iOS

Applock by Domobile is another great Applock for the iPhone. This App not only lets AppLock protect your apps but also offers Vaults that let you conceal your photos and videos. The App has some interesting themes that appear to be highly engaging. It also enables you to change the background and profile color. The App also comes with a Time Lock feature that allows users to lock or unlock their phones according to their set time. Which makes it one of the best folder lock apps for iPhone

Keeper Password Manager 

It has more than 10 million active users and is considered one of the top apps in the world of security. Also, the password manager app created a new kind of ultra-secure password to increase safety, built on the latest technology. In addition, with data backup, the application helps to make your data even safer. Users can use the security app on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. However, it needs iOS 10.0 or higher. It is controlled in 32 languages. There are ten opportunities to purchase the application.

Secret Vault – Safe Lock App iPhone

This App lets you cover or hide a wide variety of files and objects stored on the device. This App has a unique feature that enables you to manage your folders and files and store and hide your data. The only limitation is that you can use the English language is available. Because the application is tiny, it takes up approximately 14MB of disk area to run. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. However, you’ll require iOS 10.0 or higher to be able to use it. Pro versions are available to purchase via an in-app purchase offer.
LockID – Private Vault App 

It’s the most effective app locker within the App Store’s privacy category. It secures your data on your iOS device by acting as a wall. It runs flawlessly on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 9.0 and later. It’s accessible in eight languages of the region as well as English. The interface has been made user-friendly, permitting anyone to use it without difficulty. There are nine in-app purchases to choose from, each with a unique cost.

Safe Lock- Best free Applock for iPhone

It’s among the top-rated app locks available on the App Store. It utilizes a variety to conceal your images, videos, and other information. This feature lets you transfer and import files from all cloud services. It comes with a unique feature that takes photos of intruders to recognize them and safeguard your data. The App also comes with fourteen additional languages that are local, along with English. It works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that run iOS 9.0 or greater. It is a paid-for service.

Password Secure Manager – iPhone App to Lock Applications

It is possible to keep all your passwords, notes, addresses, and the details of everything secure thanks to the use of the Password Secure Manager app. All you need to do is store your data and secure it using a password, pattern lock, or fingerprint. The most appealing aspect of this application is that users can use it in English, Danish, and many other languages. It’s made so people can utilize it on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. To use this App, you’ll need IOS 9.3 or higher.


Why Use AppLock? You’ve probably heard of BioLockdown prior if you own an iOS device. It’s one of the several popular app lockers that work on iPhones or iPad.

But it has made huge progress in improving its functionality and features to provide users with more satisfaction when locking applications.

Although various applications lock apps on iOS, we recommend BioLockdown since it provides a range of options that other apps don’t offer.

For instance, although most app lock applications permit you to create password protection for your apps, images, or video (or the two), BioLockdown provides an additional layer of security, allowing you to block specific files.

This application lock can be helpful if someone gains access to your phone and tries to access the data directly on your phone. They’ll only be able to view encrypted data instead of stored data.

Fingerprint Login and Password

A few of the top app lockers for iPhone use Fingerprint login and password for app lock.

Fingerprint login utilizes biometric authentication to ensure that your data is secure and secure. Even if someone managed to get access to your phone, it would be impossible for them to access your personal information by scanning your finger.

It’s more than just an easy method of keeping your data secure. But it’s also a convenient method to unlock apps and gain access to websites or files swiftly.

Apart from using fingerprint login, these applications also offer password security, which means you can create your password, which you’ll need to use for accessing locked apps.

A secure app lock program can make it very difficult for thieves or anyone physically in possession of your device to gain access to sensitive information, such as a bank account or credit card number.

Secret Apps Photo Lock

You’ll be able to access a convenient app lock gallery of photos when you select Secret Apps Photo Lock. Select the image you want to use then Secret Apps Photo Lock takes charge of the rest.

You can configure it to activate lock mode when you start certain applications or access specific features, such as a browser or messaging.

Whatever way you choose, your photos are secure and cannot be accessed by anyone else. Access the images unless you know which password they need to enter into their phone!

Lock Secret Photo Album Vault

The Lock Secret Photo Album Vault application was explicitly designed to protect your photos or videos hidden from prying eyes.

The application uses four-digit pins to secure your album. It also comes with an option that lets you hide your secret album by putting it in another picture of collections.

If you’re tired of the security feature, You can switch to passcode mode. Lock Secret Photo Album Vault even though it’s more secure with the four-digit pin.

If you’ve lost your pin, you have the option to have the passcode delivered to an email address each when you open your albums of photos.

Password Secure Manager App

Some apps, like the app lock, claim to work. However, don’t trust these apps. After many studies, I discovered the Password Secure Manager App, one of the top password-protected apps.

It’s simple to use and can make your phone more secure with just a few taps. I would highly recommend it! Certain apps require you to sign in each time you launch them.

What happens if you have forgotten your password? The only solution is to remove the App and then reinstall it, which could be a hassle. To avoid this, you should download this Password Secure Manager App.

The App permits you to create an initial password or passcode that will quickly unlock any app without going through the tedious steps again.

If you lose your phone or purchase another one, you will need to alter the master password, passcode, or username to every other device on your phone to keep it locked tight.


In conclusion, by using the most secure app lockers for iPhones and iPad, You will be able to use one of these apps and ensure your phone is safe.

These highly effective applications permit users to secure any app they wish swiftly. Furthermore, with many of them free and available for download, there’s no reason not to have one of these on your phone right now.

Select the one that’s best for you. Enjoy your newly secured devices!

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