seven  Morning habits To Give You A Head start Each Day
4 Aug 2022

seven Morning habits To Give You A Head start Each Day

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Your morning rituals will set you up for success. You will find small wins that give you positive momentum throughout the day.

Your morning routines allow you to get things done before the sun rises. This creates a feeling of achievement and progress. Automating your morning rituals makes it simple and easy to get started on a successful day.

Charles Duhigg writes: “Once your habits can be changed, you have both the freedom and the responsibility to make them new.” Start planning your morning rituals.

  1. Smash the snooze key

You will win your first day by getting up every morning without reaching for the snooze. As tricky as running marathons is, resist the snooze button’s lure. But, it is possible to become someone who stops snoozing in your rearview mirror.

Snoozing can be overcome, but there is no bulletproof solution. Every person is unique and will need a different effective solution. This gives you the freedom to experiment and discover the best technique for you.

I used to sleep for up to two hours every morning four years ago. I tried numerous methods to end my snoring. I tried getting to sleep earlier. I tried different ringtones to my alarm. I kept my phone away from my bed to walk across the room to turn off my alarm. I failed to succeed with any of the methods. My first goal was not met every day. This led to frustration.

Clocky is an alarm clock on wheels that makes a loud, annoying sound that changes frequency and pitch every few seconds. This was how I found my solution. Clocky chases me through the room, my eyes closed, every morning to get rid of the alarm. After my cardio workout, I’m ready to get started on my day.

You can approach defeating the temptation to snooze like you are doing a science experiment. You don’t have to be discouraged by your failures. Instead, you can cross out the failures from your list and move on to the next phase of the experiment. You’ll eventually find the method that works best for you.

  1. Get up earlier

While you are slaying the sleep genie, commit to get up earlier. You are free from external distractions in the early morning. You are not distracted by text messages, e-mails, or other errands. You will also feel more positive psychologically if you get up earlier. You feel like your day is ahead. You feel like an hour has been added to your day.

Your long-term goal is not to wake up at five in the morning if you are not a morning person. That’s fine. It is possible to try and increase your wake-up time by three hours if you wake up at 8 AM. It is possible to get up earlier for a few more days.

But, drastic changes to a routine will soon become boring. Massive changes don’t happen overnight. Start by getting up at least 15 minutes earlier. This is easy to do. You might be surprised to discover that you can wake up at 5 AM every morning in just a few years.

  1. Make your bed

Making the bed is the easiest way to add a little win to your day. This win is possible in just a few minutes. It gives you a quick boost of achievement and productivity in your early morning.

An organized environment equals an organized mind. A simple way to organize your home is to make your bed. As you prepare for the day ahead, it is a good idea to make your bed before going to sleep.

  1. Spend 2 minutes in a positive state of mind

Allow yourself to be present in the mindsets you want to feel throughout the day: excited, grateful, motivated, focused on priorities. Answer the following questions. What inspires? What excites you? What do you want to be a part of today’s endeavors? Even if you feel overwhelmed, sad or anxious, this morning ritual can be done.

Your brain will learn to see the good in every situation by immersing yourself in grateful thoughts every morning. Focusing on what excites and inspires you will make you more positive and optimistic. If you can clearly identify your priorities for the day you will be able to take control of your life and not be influenced by the plans of others.

  1. Each morning , write down your goals

To start the journey towards your dreams, it is important to identify and set goals. According to a recent study by Dominican University of California, participants who had written down their goals achieved significantly more than those who did not. Writing your goals down is more effective than just keeping them in your head. Your goals can be referred to daily and reread each day for greater effectiveness.

Writing down your goals each morning is the best way to stay on track. Re-writing your goals each morning at the beginning of each day will powerfully communicate your intention. This helps you to keep your goals clear in your head and push them further into your subconscious. It is a constant reminder to your brain to set these goals as the most important.

This will allow your subconscious mind to focus on your dreams as you work on other tasks throughout the day. Your mind will always search for ways you can get closer to your dreams. You can recruit your brain to be your unpaid assistant by this ritual.

  1. Envision living your dream life for 5 minutes

You can play the role of your imagination in the theater of your thoughts. Engage all five of your senses. Enjoy a two-week vacation to Paris. Imagine walking the narrow streets of Paris’ Latin Quarter. What is the taste of French food? How does it smell? What is the smell of espresso?

It can be difficult to reach your ambitious life goals. It is not easy to reach plateaus or valleys on the road that will motivate you to continue pursuing your dreams. Imagine your perfect day, week, or life. This increases your motivation, inspiration and will help you feel more motivated. This helps to clarify your goals’ purpose and meaning. Your sense of direction and motivation will help you get through difficult times on your journey to achieve your dreams.

  1. Work towards your dream

Every morning, work on your dream before you go on with your errands and work. You can start by giving yourself five minutes every morning to concentrate on your dream. You can gradually work your way up until you have an hour.

Instead of wasting your first hour of the day on tasks that don’t interest you, devote that hour to the project you love. Every day, we only have a certain amount of willpower. You can tap into your full willpower by focusing on your most valuable project in the morning.

If you direct your energy to the wrong activities, it is easy to get lost on the road to your dream destination. Your dream will be closer today if you focus your attention and energy at the beginning each day on it. You will see incremental improvements that add up to substantial gains over time.

Combining the small wins of these morning rituals creates a string that gives you power throughout your day. You will feel more confident, and better prepared to deal with the challenges throughout the day. You’ve already achieved significant successes, no matter what the challenges may be.


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