Making the move to a new city on your own isn’t as lonely as you imagine
29 Jul 2022

Making the move to a new city on your own isn’t as lonely as you imagine

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How to build and maintain connections in a city that you are not one person.

I’m in my mid 20s and have moved around 12 times. Since my college days, due to the demands of school and work, I’ve resided within Boston, Lusaka, Delhi, Chicago, and now, San Francisco. I’ve moved on my own while receiving incredible help from my family, friends and coworkers It’s an experience that is different from the experience of moving in with your family member or an individual.

I’ve discovered that the best way to learn to maximize the benefits of moving frequently is figuring out how to get the most of an unperfect situation. Any kind of relationship is difficult to maintain on the same basis across long distances or time zones. Moving is just one way to live life and living it in this way — for those that are fortunate enough of deciding to move, or remain at homewe are missing out on alternatives to live life and create communities. It’s the only one I’m aware of and it’s an experience I cherish. I’ve experienced a lot satisfaction and fulfillment when I’ve moved, exploring new cities, interacting with people different to me and working around the globe. Also, I’ve learned a lot from wiser people about how to navigate the world as a single, young man.

You’ve probably have at least some of your details figured out. You’re aware of the area you’ll be in, or what your work will be. You may even know the location of the nearest grocery store. In the case of most difficult things, however it’s more difficult to plan ahead. You may have questions such as How can I get friends? What can I do to take care of my wellbeing? Where does dating slot in? It can be a challenge to address these questions by yourself.

Here’s some tips from my own experiences that are backed by the wisdom of a small group of friends experts. There are several strategies that you could employ, specifically dependent on where you’ll be living and they are broken into three parts Follow the rules, stay contact with friends, and be sure to take your time by doing things that don’t leave you feeling lonely . But be aware that you’ll feel sometimes lonely, and that’s fine.

Everything is possible!

The most important factor for me when I move to a new city is to get out there to meet new people. It could be through exercise groups, work meetings, meetups, social networks as well as volunteering or dating apps. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Everywhere I’ve relocated to I’ve managed to discover activities, like group exercise in the outdoors and volunteer groups which are accessible for anyone to sign up. If your budget permits you can also contribute some money to a social fund for such activities every month.

I had a conversation with Marisa Franco who is a psychologist and researcher on friendship, as well as Gillian Sandstrom, a researcher at the University of Sussex, about changes. Both of them discussed the gap in liking that people love you more than you imagine! When you go to events that are unfamiliar and conversations with strangers may be a more pleasant experience even for those who self-describe as introverts, when you recognize that the likelihood of having an enjoyable experience with people who like you. Sandstrom found that older people with this experience expect that conversations with a stranger anyone — will be superior to conversations with younger people do , as they anticipate an improved outcome from such conversations.

The first few days I spent in Delhi I was invited to three events by one colleague invited me to attend three different events that I attended. I was exhausted, jet-lagged self to each of them and made new friends with my colleagues and met someone who offered me a place in the football team (I’m still checking out the WhatsApp group that connects people across the globe) I also I joined a board game/tech development group. Making sure you have a community which you frequent and are able to invest in like Allie Volpe wrote for Vox it is essential to thrive in a new location.

When you meet strangers, Franco told me, it’s a good idea to get to know people who are in similar change stage. It could be individuals who are new to a town or country those who just completed college or have recently been through the breakup process and are seeking friendship. It’s unfortunate to are avoiding certain ways to connect due to the fact that you don’t think they’re effective, she added in a reiteration of the importance of communicating through different ways, including the internet, social networks, or a community with people from your city or country you’re from, an exercise group or another hobby group.

The importance of loose connections is also. It’s easy to be in the bubble of people who are and think the same way as you, however this deprives the person of many connections and perspectives. Sandstrom was a part of a large study of kindness that involved people from over 150 nations and discovered that the majority of people reported feeling kindness when dealing with strangers. It is also possible that people feel that conversations with strangers are emotional rewarding in the event that they relate to an emotional event or gain something from conversations with people from different generations.

Stay in contact

Maintaining contact is crucial. Reconnect with friends/acquaintances/friends of friends in the city you’re in, and communicate virtually with friends and family far away.

I had a chat about the topic with Jeff Hall, a researcher at the University of Kansas, about keeping friendships throughout time. He shared with me that young people who value mobility in their lives frequently encounter difficulties maintaining friendships. They are taught to treat the relationships they have as being indefinite since they are. As a result, you discover the permanence of life. While friendships can be temporary, it’s unlikely that they’ll end when you leave the place you’ve been.

One thing to remember when you’re attempting to reconnect with old friends should be that, if drifted out of contact, it’s not the fault of you. It’s typical, Hall told me, to think that you’re the one in charge of friendship. What we do know that Hall said is that this notion isn’t true. Other people are more likely to be your friends and decide to accept it as a reciprocal gesture. People may be able to withdraw due to a full-time work schedule or a romantic relationship or any other reason not directly related with you as he informed me, but afterward, they’ll be delighted to be with you for many years or even decades later.

The point is that when people become distant from one another due to life, it’s vital to foster a feeling of understanding and compassion towards others … as it’s about more than you. If you make it solely about you, you’ll do not have the chance to experience regeneration and growth. However when you’ve been a bit disconnected due to a change in circumstances or simply life is completely normal and acceptable to contact people even though a significant amount of time has gone by. They’ll probably be happy to receive your message!

After returning to the US which is the country where I was raised I’ve found the truth to this. My close friends who live in San Francisco consist of people I’ve met in the city, people I’ve kept in contact with over time as well as people who I’d fallen off contact with over the years due to different reasons, but who I reconnected with after I moved into the area. I attempt to introduce my friends from different phases of their lives to one another. This allows me to keep in touch , and also allows for new friendships to be formed between them.

For keeping in touch with friends who are far away, I talked with Hall about the various ways of communication. Hall spoke about the importance of using rich communication channels including phone or video calls for keeping in contact with people first. Text messaging is the next option as if you text someone whenever something makes you think of them. And then, to be passively engaging with content on social platforms. Making time and effort for long-distance relationships and other ones is crucial to keeping the bond.

The opportunity to visit friends and family when you can afford it is essential. My connection with my family has increased even when I live from them. Since I only get to visit them a couple of times each year, I get to spend lots of time with them whenever I get to see them. I also have friends who make calls to their families each day, and although my family doesn’t call as often (although we are in a group chat) it’s been interesting to observe the different ways families can find ways to communicate that are suitable for them.

This suggestion is in fact related to the previous one! Maintaining contact with your old acquaintances, Franco said, can help you feel more grounded in your life, secure, and authentic. This will give you more confidence to get out there and meet new acquaintances.

Make time for yourself

Making time for yourself is essential for self-described individuals who are outgoing like me. It’s easy when you move to an unfamiliar city to get immersed in a constant cycle of getting people together and going out to events daily that is wonderful, but not sustainable for everyone, but especially those who are the most social.

My experience has been differently in different places. In Delhi it was eating the kati roll from my balcony in the evening and then spending my weekends riding the metro to various historic places. In Chicago it was biking all day long along the lakefront. For San Francisco, it has been city exploring and attempting to find each public staircase that is in the city.

How we think of our time alone as lonely time or as lonely is contingent on aspects like how we’re performing emotionally, Franco said. A large part of that is actually taking the time to look after your mental health overall to feel energized and not than being frightened by time spent alone. Therefore, going to therapy or exercising, and staying in touch to family or friends are all things to consider doing so that you can truly relish your alone time.

It could be working out or reading a book, cooking, or just watching TV or doing something that you love with yourself. Being able to spend time with your loved ones without feeling alone is essential to make an effective and sustainable move.

Even when you have the most smooth transitions, there are some downsides of being constantly moving. The feeling of loneliness is an element of the journey, Franco said. It’s not like you’re doing any wrong.


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