How to wake up fully Motivated Every Day 
4 Aug 2022

How to wake up fully Motivated Every Day 

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This is Monday morning. The alarm is set. Are you aware of how to be motivated at this moment? What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you open your eyes?

Are you eager to rise and go to work? Or do you feel anxious about the day and the coming week?

Whatever your answer may be, you should ask yourself the following question:

“What is the cause of feeling not motivated?” What’s driving you to feel positive or negative about the upcoming Monday? If you’re interested in knowing how to be motivated, read on.

What Is Motivation?

You probably know those who have done the same practice for years and appear content being in a rut. It doesn’t matter if it’s their work, marriage, or their personal lives. They seem to be thriving perfectly without advancing toward any kind of “better .”

However, I’m certain you have acquaintances who concentrate on positive goals and are always trying to reach new levels. It could be promotions at work, creating families and celebrating milestones in their marriages, traveling more, or returning to school. These individuals appear to be constantly striving for something that enhances or improves their lives.

What’s the difference between these two kinds of people?

What you think you’re capable of accomplishing comes down to one factor that is motivation. The drive or lack thereof pushes you forward to conquer obstacles and challenges to reach your goals.

In the absence of motivation, you’ll eventually quit after a couple of failed attempts or perhaps the first difficult task that you face. You’ll be stuck in the same place: unsatisfied and unable to move forward.

It doesn’t matter if you’re aware or you don’t. You are aware that motivation is an enormous influence in your life and must be harnessed to achieve success and be happy with what you’re working on a regular basis. If you’re contemplating, “I need motivation,” there are actions you can take.

However, many people are too generalized about the concept of motivation. We view being motivated or not as a straightforward “yes” and “no” condition.

However, motivation isn’t an option. Motivation is an ongoing process.

The Motivation Flow

For you to feel motivated, you have to go above the surface. Simply reading a motivational phrase or getting a boost from your peers or mentors, or writing down your daily tasks will not provide you with a sustainable source of motivation for the long term.

It is possible to think of the purpose we wish to achieve as that of the Sun (self-sustaining and lasting) that provides continuous energy to all living things on Earth. Like the Sun, the “motivation engine” is made up of different layers beginning at the center and extending towards its top. It’s the surface you can see; however, the actual action is driven by your base (your inner motivation), which is the most crucial part.

If you’re able to build an auto-sustaining motivation engine, you’ll get an additional purpose in your daily life and enjoy every moment of what you’re doing. This makes your roles and obligations less of a burden.

Let me assist you in understanding the motivation process better by dissecting this motivational engine in three components:

  1. Core – Purpose
  2. Support – Enablers
  3. Surface – Acknowledgement

The Outer Layer: Surface

Its outermost part, which is also known as Acknowledgement, is any kind of external recognition that can inspire you. It can take the kind of recognition or respect, for example, compliments or praise.

The other option is emotional support by way of feedback, encouragement, or constructive criticism. It could also be an affiliation in which you share friends or colleagues with the same goals or burdens.

A recent study found that “rewards positively affect employee motivation. However, there was no evidence of a significant correlation between job satisfaction.”

So, it’s crucial to realize that rewards can be motivating, but they don’t always make you feel better when you’re in a bad situation.

It’s what you will see at first glance when looking at others. You can see the acknowledgment, respect, and appreciation they’re receiving.

The Middle Layer: Support

The second layer of your motivation engine (also called Enablers) is the one that supports your objectives. They can boost your motivational core or boost the momentum you create. In essence, they provide the right conditions for things to flow smoothly.

Positive enablers are crucial if you’re looking to learn how to get motivated. These could be family members and friends or any other support system you’ve built in the course of your life.

The Innermost Layer: Core

What’s important and the motivating factor behind your motivational flow is the core of the being of your purpose. Your goal is what separates those who are motivated from those who are not. Those who succeed from underachievers, the content and unhappy.

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Your motivational base is your goal that is fueled by two factors being meaningful and forward motion. When you have these two elements as an underlying principle, you’ll be able to be able to draw on a source of energy that can provide you with the motivational juices for years to come.

Sustaining Your Core Motivation — Your Purpose

The concept of meaning is straightforward. If you’re looking to understand how to get motivated simply ask yourself a why?

What is the reason you are pursuing an objective? If the motive is unclear or unclear, your motivational energy is similar. Although motivation can give you the energy to complete a task the energy has to be directed somewhere. Without any meaning, there is no place to help your focus your energy.

But, having a worthy goal doesn’t mean that you need to revolutionize the world or make an enormous impact on the world. The key to doing meaningful work is easy: it has to be a source of value for people or things that matter to you.

The study suggests the concept of creativity as one of the possible paths to meaning. The study said: “Many of the core concepts that are a part of the research about what life is about like the need for coherence, meaning and purpose, as well as the desire to immortality through symbolism is possible by the creative activity”[2[2.

The next step is to gain forward motion. This is, in essence, to keep moving. As with a snowball, the motivation generated by progress builds momentum. To keep it going it is important to continue to move.

The good news isthat your progress doesn’t need to be massive in order to make you feel proud of it. Even small increments of improvement can be equally stimulating, provided they continue to come. As with driving a car you could be quite anxious when you’re at a complete stop. However, it is less if you’re moving forward even if you’re going at a slow pace.

The simple process of creating a progress indicator, such as checkpoints or other milestones are a fantastic way to see your little (and large) victories. They make your brain acknowledge these achievements, which gives you little spurts of motivational power.

This is the reason why videos are addicting! They’re filled with indicators for progress all over the place. Although they’re completely digital, they’re capable of stimulating the motivational centers of your brain.

How to Get Motivated Starting Today

  1. Find out What Drives You Today

Do you want to take a few minutes today to do a brief assessment of where you’re at currently? Pick one area of your life you’d like to grow in.

It could be your current position. Begin by defining your reasons. Note down the reasons you’re at the job you’re currently in.

Consider the Motivational Core of your life: your purpose. Write down what it is at work that makes you feel fulfilled and what are the things that help propel you to the next level in your life.

After you’ve compiled these items, it’s time to conduct a comparative. Does your current job assist you in achieving the goal you’ve outlined in your essay?

If it happens, then it’s on the right course. If not, or you’ve discovered that your life isn’t progressing as you’d like it to, Don’t be worried. There are tools that can assist you through this.

Try not to be focused only on negative aspects. Re-evaluate your goals and set them in a positive direction, even if it is that you begin with a small amount.

  1. Change Your Approach and Don’t Give up

If something doesn’t feel wrong, it’s an appropriate time to take a second and consider a different method if you’re looking to know how to achieve motivation.

You might be making everything work efficiently and correctly; however, this approach doesn’t always make the most enthralling one. Most of the time, you’ll identify a few obvious adjustments to your existing strategy that can both alter your perspective and provide new possibilities.

This is why the phrase “one way or the other” is so popular. If you truly want to achieve your goal, there’s always a way to get there; and probably, it’s not just one route.

If one method isn’t working for you, try another and try again until you come across the method that keeps you on track and produces the desired outcomes.

If you’re not able to locate the correct approach, You may have to return to basic motivational principles to discover the motivational method that works for you.

  1. Recognize Your Progress

Whatever you are doing can be divided into smaller pieces and phases. For the majority of long-term or big goals, it’s natural to divide the process of achieving the goals into smaller tasks and milestones. There are several reasons to do this, among them keeping track of your performance.

Our progress is tracked in a way that is automatic for most tasks, but in order to remain focused, you must acknowledge your progress, not just keep track of it. Tracking is just noting that you have attained a certain point in your journey. Recognizing means examining the bigger picture and understanding what you’re doing and what you’re still left to complete.

For instance, if you’re reading a book, you should always begin by reading the content table. Becoming familiar with chapters and memorizing the total number of pages can help you to keep track of your progress while reading. It is important to know how many pages the book contains prior to starting. It is an excellent idea.

Human nature wants things to occur in the short-term or in a single moment. Even if we break complicated tasks into smaller tasks, we do not get satisfaction until all is completed and the job is completed.

In many cases, the job is so huge that a sloppy approach could take all motivation of you before you’ve had a chance to accomplish your target. This is why taking small steps and being aware of the accomplishments is important. This is how you can keep your mind and body motivated over the long haul.

  1. Reward Yourself

Do you feel down about doing something? Do you dread working on a specific task? Do you hate the concept of working?

From the beginning, you must agree on a set of deliverables that be a reason to reward yourself. When you have achieved one of the outcomes, you agreed to make sure you be rewarded in some way. This will create external motivational factors to make you feel more at ease in the long run.

For certain tasks, simply taking breaks and taking just a few minutes is enough. In other cases, you might prefer a freshly brewed cup of coffee or enjoy a sweet treat.

To complete even more challenging tasks, you can reward yourself with something more fun, such as going to the latest film or a trip to the perfect spot, or even purchasing something.

The more you praise yourself for your advancements, the more excited you’ll be to reach new heights.

Final Thoughts on Staying Motivated

Happiness doesn’t have to be a vague concept or a fantasy you’re seeking with no goal. If you can identify your motive, you’ll be just one step away from achieving your joy as well as finding purpose in all that you do.

There are many strategies to keep you focused, but found that none of them will have any effect. This is because they create small changes, but lasting change requires a comprehensive approach. It’s more than the focus of one part of your life or altering how you conduct your daily routine or actions.

You’re looking to make a major change, but you feel like it’s huge, unexplored territory that you aren’t able to go into at this time in your life.

The reality is that taking your career to the next step isn’t that difficult. If you’re looking to make the first step to fulfill your purpose in life The time to discover how to harness your passion is now!