8 Best Secret recording apps

Secret recording apps

When it comes to the best secret recording apps, there are several options. However, these are among the best because they are easy to use and have great features that make them perfect for people who want a simple way to record their conversations on their phone or computer.

Best Secret recording apps

Smart Voice Recorder app

The smart Voice Recorder app is an excellent tool for recording audio secretly. You can record the sounds of your whole office or just one person’s voice and then save it as an MP3 file on your phone.

 The app will automatically detect when you start to speak and stop recording when you stop speaking.

The user interface is very simple just press the “start” or “stop” buttons to begin/end recording. 

When finished with your secret recording session, simply click the “save” button to save it as an MP3 file on your phone’s storage space (you can also save it directly into iTunes if you want).

This app also supports screen capture functions so users can take screenshots while recording videos/audio files.

 However, this feature requires rooting the device first. Users need to root their phones before taking screenshots using Smart Voice Recorder instead of similar apps like Face Recorder, where everything works without root access.

Third Eye – Smart Video Record app

Third Eye is a powerful and versatile app that allows you to record videos and audio secretly.

 It also has cool features like high-quality video, audio and no time limit. The best part about this app is that there are no watermarks or ads on the videos you recorded with it!

Vigil – Secret Video Recorder app

Vigil is a smart video recorder that lets you secretly record video, sound and voice. 

Anyone can also use it to record phone calls, meetings, lectures, or presentations. You can also record interviews with people who are unaware you are recording them.

Vigil’s ability to capture everything around it makes it an excellent choice for journalists who want to keep their sources safe from government surveillance programs like PRISM.

Automatic Call Recorder app

The automatic Call Recorder app is one of the best secret recording apps. It’s also a popular phone recorder, which means you can use it to record all your calls. If you want to ensure that no one will ever know that you are secretly recording them, the Automatic Call Recorder app is the perfect choice because it does not require extra permissions or settings on your device.

The best thing about this secret phone recorder app is that its recordings are saved locally on the phone, and none can access them by other phones or devices.

 So even if someone tries accessing your private conversations with another person through their own devices, there won’t be any evidence left behind from whoever had access to them originally.

FamiSafe-Parental Control App

FamiSafe is a parental control app that lets you monitor your kids’ phone usage, track their location, social media content, and visited websites. The app also allows you to block calls from unknown numbers or text messages from unwanted senders.

 You can set up daily time limits for activities like playing games or watching videos and keep an eye on their location by tracking where they are at all times.

Cube ACR – Call Recorder app

Cube ACR is a powerful call recorder app that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls on your phone, tablet, or computer. It also has the option of recording all calls so that when they come in, the app automatically saves them for future reference, and This can be useful if you have a busy schedule and need some time-saving tips.

It’s easy to use the interface is intuitive and simple enough for anyone who has used an iPhone before (which means everyone). The app features a few different options:

  • Record Incoming Calls: This allows users to set up their recordings by selecting which phone number they want called from when making calls through this program; it works similarly with outgoing calls.
  •  Auto Record All Calls: This feature automatically records all incoming/outgoing/missed numbers (or whatever else) whenever one occurs within its set parameters.

background video recorder app

The background video recorder app is a unique application that allows you to record video and audio in the background. You can also use it as an app for recording your screen, so it will not be interrupted by other programs on your phone. The best thing about this app is that once you have started recording, there’s no way out of it until you stop the recording or delete all files from the device.

 So if someone attempted to access your phone while recording something else of its own accord, all evidence would be lost forever.

Another great feature of background video recorder apps is how easy they make sharing videos with others online through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter – simply share links instead of direct links (as these tend to cause issues over time).

Secret Voice Recorder app

The secret Voice Recorder app is a great way to secretly record your conversations. The app allows you to record audio files and save them on your phone, making them easy to access later.

It also has some great features, such as the ability to lock the screen when recording (so no one will know what’s going on) and adjust the volume settings so that everything sounds clear without being too loud.


It’s time to get creative and record some great videos. We’ve covered a lot of different apps, but what if you need something more advanced? The best way to do this would be using a professional recording app like Cube ACR or Automatic Call Recorder. These apps have all sorts of features that will help make sure your recordings are synced up perfectly, so they’re easy to edit later on.


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