How to stream switch on Discord Free

So do you have a switch, and you want to play jackbox games on the go, but you also want to be able to stream them over Discord and play with your friends online?

We all know that you could buy the game twice and get it on steam and also on a switch. Still, there is a cheaper, better way which requires a switch and a computer obviously and also HDMI to USB adapter which you can buy online, and two monitors are preferable but not necessary. now Let me walk you through the process to stream switch on discord. 


Step 1 : Open the Nintendo switch and connect it with your device.

First, you must plug the switch HDMI cable into the adapter and then plug that into your computer through USB.

Step 2: Install Obs Streaming

Now you have to install this program called obs.


  • When you open it up, you have to go to this bottom left area where it says scenes.
  • Click on add, which will tell you to enter a name scene. You could name it whatever you want.

  • Go to sources right next to the scenes column, click on it and go to add a video capture device.
  • You can name it to switch, or whatever you want doesn’t matter.
  • You might not see your switch on your switch screen if you don’t check the device and make sure it’s not like showing a webcam or something because it’ll read your USB as a capture device.

Step 3 : Setting up the game audio

Now there’s no audio. If you want to hear it, ensure that the audio output and auto device are selected within the picture above, or you could watch this video for more details.

Step 4 : Set up a dedicated channel on Discord

To get started, you’ll need to create a channel on Discord. Go to your profile and click the “create” button next to your name.

Once you’ve created a channel, name it something relevant (like “Nintendo Switch streams”). Next, make a role for your streamer so that other users know what kind of content they can expect from them in this channel—you might want one that says “[Your Name] Nintendo Streams,” or maybe just “Nintendo stream.” Then invite friends who might want to watch along with you!

Final step : share your gameplay with your friends 

Last but not least, it is time to stream it to your friends. You go to share your screen, scroll down, and find the full-screen projector preview. Click that you can pick whatever

resolution and frame rate you want. Usually, I do 720p and 15fps just because for jackbox games, the frame rate doesn’t matter, and I recommend you 720 is like an amicable resolution.


The Nintendo Switch is a great console, and we’re excited to see its future .I hope you are able to stream switch on discord by now and enjoying the gameplay with your friends . If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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