10 Best Story Album Apps for Android

best story album apps

Story Albums are a great way to share your memories with the world. Whether you’re finally adding a photo or video to your Story Album or just sharing a photo to show someone how you met, there’s no better way. Each of the best story album apps offers some amazing features so you can build something incredible.

What is a story album on Android?

Story album apps are a new way to make your life easier. They allow you to create a digital photo album where you can add photos and videos and then share them with people in various ways.

Google photo

Google Photos is one of the best photo management apps available today. It provides users a simple yet powerful way to manage their pictures and videos, share them with friends and family and even create special memories.

This app also comes with a feature that allows users to organize and search for their pictures using a search engine that works in real-time.

The Google Photos app allows you to store photos and videos from apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, or even your computer. 

The app also has many tools that make it easy to edit your images with effects like black and white, sepia tone, or colorizing them.

 You can crop or rotate your pictures before uploading them to the cloud.

When you take a picture or video on your phone, Google Photos automatically uploads it to the cloud. You can then share that photo or video with anyone.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices but works best on the latter due to its native support for Apple’s smartwatch.

Its features include:

  • Searching through your photos by date or location
  • Organizing them into albums by time or location
  • Sharing them on social networks.

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Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery is a photo gallery app that provides users with a simple way to manage their pictures. The app has a very simple yet beautiful design and comes with several features that are not found in most other photo galleries.

The main idea behind Simple Gallery is to provide users with a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use way of displaying their pictures.

The app lets you upload pictures from your phone or computer and add captions where you want them to appear on your pictures. You can also create collages from different photos and share them with friends, family, or others via social media platforms.

Photo Gallery by Mobile_V5

The Photo Gallery app is the default gallery application on most Android devices. It’s a simple yet powerful app that allows you to organize your pictures in albums or by date. You can also set it up so that a certain album shows up only when you double-tap an image, which is useful if you want to show all of your photos one at a time.

Photo Gallery provides a variety of ways to organize, browse and interact with your photos. You can sort your photos by date, location, or category and add tags to help you identify them later. You can search for specific types of images (such as landscape or portrait) or use keywords to find specific types of images.

Photo Gallery is available on iOS and Android.


Gallery app is a photo gallery, photo editor, and image viewer for Android. It has many features that make it stand out from the other similar apps.

The app allows you to view your images, edit them and share them with your friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The editing tools within help you manage your images. With it, you can crop, adjust the brightness of your pictures, add text and stickers, rotate them and even change their resolution.

The app is pretty simple; You browse through your images, albums, and special collections just like any other photo management tool.

A+ Gallery

The A+ Gallery app is a photo gallery app for Android. It has a clean, modern, and simplistic design makes it one of the best photo gallery apps for your Android. The app has a simple interface that makes it easy for users to browse through the photos in the Gallery.

The app also has many powerful features like tagging, editing, and sharing. With these features, you can make your photos more interesting and creative. 

You can also use filters to improve your photos’ quality.

The app has many useful options that make it one of the best photo gallery apps for Android.

A+ Gallery App Features:

– Beautiful and fast image viewer.

– Powerful image editing tools.

– Virtual albums with infinite scrolling.

– Various nice themes with different camera effects.

Gallery by Google LLC

Gallery by Google LLC is a mobile application for Android and iOS. The Gallery app is the official photo gallery of the company. It provides easy sharing and management of your photos.

The app allows users to view their photos in several different ways: as a timeline of their entire collection, as a grid of thumbnails, or in an album view. 

Each photo can be zoomed into by pinching the screen or swiping left or right. The app also features a photo editor that lets users adjust brightness, color saturation, and contrast.

The Gallery also has some filters you can use to edit your photos before uploading them onto the Gallery.

AI Gallery

AI Gallery app is photo management and editing app. It allows you to organize your photos by date, category, location, and tags and also helps people to manage their photographs by giving them total control and flexibility.

It allows you to create photos and organize them according to your desired criteria. You can use this feature to take photos, edit them, set them as wallpapers, or share them with others via Facebook or Instagram.

The AI Gallery app is not just limited to organizing photos but also includes other features such as cropping, editing, and applying filters to your photos.

Photo Gallery by Easylife

Photo Gallery app is a great photo management app that allows you to keep your photos organized, search for them and even share them. You can also add filters, text, and effects to your images before you upload them.

The best part is that Photo Gallery doesn’t require any signup or registration process. You just have to download the app from the Google Play Store and start using it.

The main advantage of using the Photo Gallery app over the other options is that it’s free and open source.


FamilyAlbum is a powerful image management app for families. It keeps all your family photos and videos organized and accessible to find them when you need them.

FamilyAlbum helps you organize your entire photo collection. You can search for photos by date, location, or keyword.

 You can also upload new photos from external storage devices like phones or cameras.

It’s a great way to capture your kids’ milestones, share photos with family and friends, and organize events in one place.

The app has a simple user interface that makes it easy to manage your photos. You can edit images from any device using a web browser or downloading the FamilyAlbum app.

Piktures Gallery

Piktures is a simple gallery app with very advanced features. It allows you to change the order of your images and videos, add captions and tags, assign albums, and much more.

The main objective of Piktures is to help people with their images and videos by making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

Piktures has many advanced features such as:

  • editing photos and videos
  • cropping photos and videos
  • adding effects to photos and videos
  • applying filters to photos and videos
  • sharing with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or SMS

Final thought

Story album apps are great because they allow everyone to view their memories and learn more about themselves without explaining everything in detail. They also allow people who may not know much about the person who created them the opportunity to see their life through their eyes and get an idea of who they are as a person.


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