12 Best Random Video Chat Apps for Android and iOS

Best Random Video Chat Apps

Video chatting is something that we’ve all done at some point. Video chatting is an awesome thing, whether it’s with friends, family, or even with someone you just met online. That’s why so many video chat apps are available on smartphones and computers nowadays. The main question is – which one should I use? That is why I reviewed the best random video chat apps on the internet for you.

Best Random Video Chat Apps To meet new people


Chatruletka app is a mobile application for chatting and meeting with people from all over the world.

Chatr is free, safe & secure and allows you to chat with people worldwide. It’s also one of the best apps for meeting new friends and lovers.

One of the features of the Chatruletka app is that it allows you to create profiles and publish your profile publicly or privately. The profile can include your pictures, videos, location, age, and other details you want to share with others. You can also choose the language you want your profile to be in.

The app allows you to search for people based on their interests or proximity to you. You also have multiple filters available such as distance, age, gender, and many more. You can see all these filters at once or filter them individually if required.

Roulette Chat Video

Roulette Chat Video is a video chat app that lets you connect with people worldwide. It also has a number of other features to make your experience more enjoyable.

Roulette Chat Video is one of the best apps for video chatting because it gives you the ability to have fun and make new friends. You can use this app in many different ways, from playing games to chatting with your friends in person or on the phone.

Users can make free video calls on the app. They can also set up their own rooms where they can invite other people who are interested in making video calls with them. This makes it easy for users to find people who want to chat with them online.

Features of Roulette Chat Video:

  • Users can easily create a profile and start chatting from their home screen.
  • Users can also add friends from their phone contacts list, Facebook, or any other social media account.
  • You can use the app with filters for video chatting.
  • There is an option to use sound effects during the video call so that both parties can also enjoy watching them.


CamSurf is an online random chat app that allows you to meet new people from all around the world. The app has a large community of over 5 million users, and the chat rooms are filled with people interested in talking to you.

The app works by finding users near each other in real time and then connecting them through video calls. You can search for users based on location, preferences, or gender.

Camsurf provides a variety of features so you can easily connect with other members of our community.

You can easily start conversations or add friends on Camsurf by using the search bar at the top of the app. By trying our advanced search option, you can also find friends based on their location or interests.

The main goal of camsurf is to give you the best way to meet new people so that you can start having fun with them immediately.


Chatous is a chat room app that lets you enjoy live chatting with friends, family, or random strangers. It has over a million users and is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

The video chatting feature makes it easy for users to share moments with their friends, family, or anyone worldwide. Besides this, it offers other features like group chat, photo sharing, file transfer, and more.

Chatous allows you to have multiple video chats going at once. This means that if you want to talk with one person but have another friend who wants to join, you can do so without any problem.

With the help of Chatous, you can easily talk to your loved ones in any part of the world.

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Chatrandom is a popular app that allows you to quickly meet new people and make new friends. The app allows you to connect with people worldwide, so you never have to worry about getting bored with your single life.

It allows users to send messages, chat, and meet new people.

Chatrandom also has a fun and friendly design that makes it easy for anyone to use the app and meet new people. The app’s user interface is very simple, with just one button that you click on to start chatting with other users.

Chatrandom has a wide range of features, including:

  • You can choose between various user interests, from anime characters to celebrities.
  • There are many ways to find people in Chatrandom, including searching by age, location, gender, and sex. You can also search by interests.
  • The chatroom is designed for up to eight people at once.
  • You can send unlimited messages in the chatroom as well as create groups with your friends or other members of Chatrandom.


Chatspin is a free video chat app with end-to-end encryption and anonymous chatting. 

Chatting anonymously is the most important feature of this app. You can easily chat with your friends, family, or strangers without restrictions.

Chatspin offers a high-quality video calling feature that is similar to FaceTime. The app also has features like group chats, photo sharing, sticker packs, video calling, and more.

Chatspin is a fun way to meet new people online, especially if you’re looking for someone to talk with in real-time.

The app is user-friendly and has a simple user interface, making it easy for the user to interact with the app without any problems.


Azar one of the best random video chat apps, unlike anything you’ve seen before. This app is the easiest way to make friends and meet new people from wherever you want in the world.

The app allows you to make free video calls between phones and computers.

The Azar app has a lot of great features for those looking for an alternative to Omegle or FaceTime on their phone or tablet.

The app lets you send text messages, images, videos, and audio messages to your friends and people you met in the app.

If you want to send stickers instead of voice messages, tons of them are available, or you can also create your own stickers using photos from your photos library or from Instagram or Facebook.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices and works great on any device.

Hay – HOLLA live video chat

Hay – HOLLA is a live video chat app for smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can talk to people worldwide or with your friends in a private group.

Here’s what makes this app unique:

  • Talk & Share: You can talk to anyone in the world who has the Hay app installed on their phone or tablet. You can also share photos and videos with anyone who has the app installed on their device.
  • Mobile & Global: You can make video calls from anywhere at any time, so long as you have an internet connection. This means that even if there’s no Wi-Fi available, you’ll still be able to make a call.
  • No sign up required : There’s no need to sign up or download anything — just download the app and start making calls right away.

The app is free to download on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

OmeTV mobile app

The OmeTV app is an excellent place to make new friends. The app is designed to help you find people in your area who want to meet up with you for a coffee or drinks, or you can also meet people from all over the world in the app who share your interest or hobbies.

OmeTV’s chat app has more than 50 million users, which means that it’s more likely that you will find someone and connect on common topics. Besides using it as a social networking app.

The OmeTV app is very popular among teens because it’s easy to use and allows users to make new friends quickly. Users can also earn points for using the app by doing tasks like liking photos or following other users.

It’s easy to use, and there are lots of fun features. You can share videos, photos, and text messages from your phone or computer.


Camfrog is a video chatting app that allows you to connect with others via your webcam. It has a nice user interface and also offers group video chatting. You can also use the app to watch videos, play games, and create profiles for yourself.

The free application allows you to find other users with similar interests on your computer or mobile phone and chat with them.

The only downside is that this app does not allow for voice recordings, so if you want to record your conversations, you will have to use another app instead.

The best thing about this app is that it works on all mobile devices, including tablets. This means that no matter where you are located in the world, there will be someone who can communicate with you through this wonderful video chat app.  

Omega – Live Random Video

The Omega Live Random Video app is a great way to meet and chat with new people. You can talk to anyone in the world, and they can talk to you back. The app is free, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Omega has many features that make it stand out from other video chat apps. For example, it has a feature called “Randomized Mode.” This feature allows you to see who you will be chatting with before you start chatting. This feature makes the experience more enjoyable because it gives you a little bit of time to get used to the environment before starting a conversation with someone.

You can also change the background color of your profile if you don’t like the default one. In addition, there are many other options, like changing your name and changing the location where you want to appear as being from.

The app works on Android and iOS devices. You can download it directly either from Google Play Store or Appstore.


Minichat is a free video chat app that allows you to connect with friends, family, and even strangers. Using the Minichat app, you can video chat with people worldwide in real time.

With the Minichat app, you can enjoy instant messaging and video chatting with anyone who has a Minichat account.

Video chat with the Minichat app is easy to use once you sign in and fill in the necessary information. You can tap the blue button to meet your first random chat, or you can use the red button to stop and disconnect.

Is there any random video chat app?

Yes, there are many different apps that allow you to meet new people in a safe environment. Check them all in this article.

Final thought

There are a lot of video chat apps out there, but not all of them are created equal. In fact, the best video chat apps have the most features and make it easy to connect with your friends and family.

We’ve put together this list of the best random video chat apps. We’ve included some of the most popular options available so that you can easily find one that fits your needs.


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