9 best photo morphing apps

photo morphing apps

If you’re looking for the best photo morphing apps, look no further than this list. These apps can help you transform your photos into something fun and unique. They are easy to use and will have you create extraordinary results in no time.

best photo morphing apps

Face Morph

Face Morph is an app that lets you morph faces. It’s not just for fun; you can use it to swap faces with friends and family. And if you’re into photoshopping your selfies, this app also has some valuable features.

Face morphing is a popular trend in social media posts: people are swapping their faces around on Instagram stories or Snapchat filters (like this one). But why stop there? There are plenty of other ways to change the shape of your face using apps like Face Morph below.

Pic Morph – Morph Faces app.

Pic Morph is the best app for morphing faces in real time. You can use this fun app to create funny photos and videos with your face morphing between two different people. It even allows you to swap faces, The best part about It’s free.


FaceApp is a free photo-ing app that can transform your face into a different person, animal or inanimate object. It’s available for Android and iOS devices and has been downloaded more than 100 million times since its launch in August 2017.

FaceApp uses facial recognition technology to analyze your photos and make them look like You took them at different times. The app allows users to upload pictures of themselves or others they want to be transformed into something else.

Those artificial intelligence algorithms process those images to create new ones with similar features but slightly altered expressions (e.g., smiling). This process allows users to get creative with their selfies by creating hilarious transformations, such as changing from being sickly pale to having bright red cheeks!


Reface is a photo morphing app that allows you to create photomontages with your friends and family. You can also use Reface to morph your pets into other animals or celebrities.

If you’re looking for an option that will allow you to pop out the faces of people in photos, look no further than Reface. 

This app offers several ways of doing so, including “swapping” every face on one person’s body into another image or creating an entirely new image based on a single person’s face (or multiple people).

Morphy – Face Morph GIF app

Morphy is an application to create face morphing animation using multiple images. Anyone can use it to create various animations, such as cartoon characters and animals. 

The application has powerful features that allow you to design your image or video clip according to your needs. You can add text or change the background colour in Morphy, which makes it easy to create attractive animated GIFs.

FaceFancy—Face swap video

FaceFancy is an app including face change, age change, gender change and portrait matting.

You can swap your face for another on the picture with one photo. Don’t judge face-change technology. And it can make your face-change dream come true.

FaceLab: Face Editor, Aging

FaceLab is an app that allows you to edit and morph faces, perfect for creating funny videos. You can also use it to swap faces between friends or family members, so they look like someone else. This app has a lot of options and features, making it one of the best photo morphing apps out there.

FaceLab costs $4.99 on Google Play, but there’s no charge if you use this service through Facebook or Twitter (though those platforms don’t offer as many options as Google Play).

Celebrity Face Morph app

Celebrity Face Morph app is the best app for morphing your favourite celebrities’ faces. This app allows you to change the appearance of your favourite star in real-time, no matter how old or young they are. It also lets you create a few different looks with just one click and save them as separate images.

The Celebrity Face Morph app uses powerful image recognition technology to recognize any face in any photo or video file and instantly morph it into another person’s image.

 There’s no need for Photoshop skills or knowledge about photo editing apps because this program works automatically by analyzing all available photos on your device’s memory SD card and creates new ones based on similar attributes like gender, age etc.

 Making it easy for anyone who wants their version of someone else without any technical experience.

Multi Face Blender

Multi Face Blender is a photo morphing app that lets you blend multiple faces. You can create funny images and videos with friends and family or use them to morph photos of your pets.

The app supports almost any smartphone camera as long as they have an option for video recording (it’s also great if you want to take a selfie). It also has advanced features like face tracking and text selection options so that you can edit each person individually before choosing their position on the final image.


our pick in this topic is Face Morph because it is a fun and easy-to-use app that allows you to create your photo morphing videos.

With this app, you can create amazing videos with just one click. The videos will look like they were created by professional moviemakers who used complex software, but in reality, they’re just done by some random person on the internet. 


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