9 Best fast charging apps

fast charging apps

Fast charging is the key to keeping your phone’s battery healthy. You don’t want to bring your phone on a long trip and find out that it doesn’t have enough charge to get through the day. 

Luckily, there are plenty of fast charging apps out there that can help you with this kind of problem.

Best fast charging apps

Super Charging Pro

Super Charging Pro is a fast charging app for Android with several features that can help you save battery life and increase your phone’s overall performance. The app includes:

  • Battery Saver Mode allows you to set time limits on when the app should turn the screen off and other settings related to reducing power consumption while using your device.
  • Screen Brightness Control lets you adjust how bright or dim your screens are while on (or off). It also includes an option called “Night Mode,” which reduces saturation so as not to disturb others who might be sleeping nearby.
  • Charge Speed Booster gives users control over how fast their phones charge when plugged into chargers such as those found at restaurants or coffee shops.

Battery charger Battery doctor

The battery charger is a free app that helps you charge your phone faster. It can detect the charging Mode of your phone and change it to fast charging mode. 

You will also be able to see which apps are draining the most power while running in the background, which will help you identify them so that they don’t eat up all of your device’s battery life at once.

The app will help you save your phone battery life by closing all the apps running in the background.

 This will help you get more out of your device’s battery during long use or while travelling.

Battery Turbo Charge Optimizer

Battery Turbo Charge Optimizer is a free app that optimizes charging to get the fastest charge speed possible.

 It has a battery saver feature, saving up to 30% of your smartphone’s energy consumption by reducing background activity and displaying fewer notifications. 

The app works with all types of smartphones, Android devices, and iOS devices.

 There are no ads or in-app purchases here; just simple functionality at its best.

The app is easy to use. It has a simple interface with only one tab and two buttons:  

  • Power Mode, which enables you to choose between the Standard or Turbo Charge modes, and ii) 
  • Battery Saver helps you save energy by reducing background activity and displaying fewer notifications.


AccuBattery is an excellent app for monitoring your battery.

 It shows you the battery percentage, temperature, voltage and health. You can also see how much time it takes to charge your phone from 0% to 100%.

 The widget has three buttons: 

  • One with the charge percentage (as shown below), 
  • Another button with temperature in Celsius.
  •  The third button opens up this page, where you can see all these values combined in one place.

The app also has a battery saver feature that you can use to prolong your battery life.

 It stops apps from running in the background and helps reduce power consumption. 

You can set it to turn on automatically when your phone reaches a certain level of charge or manually from the settings page.

Battery Saver – Charge Battery

Battery Saver – Charge Battery is a fast charging app that helps you to charge your phone quickly and efficiently. 

The app has four charging modes: Fast Charging, Normal Mode, Customize Mode, and Power Saving mode. 

Super Charging – Battery Saver

Super Charging is a very simple app. It has three main functions: battery saver, fast charging and charging modes.

Battery Saver mode is a primary tool for extending the life of your phone’s battery by reducing performance and screen brightness to extend usage time. 

To access this feature, tap on the icon next to your battery percentage in Settings > Battery > Battery Saver Mode.

 What you did will turn off some features like GPS tracking and cellular data to save power while you’re not using them (you’ll still be able to use other apps).

Smart Charging – Charge Alarm

Smart Charge Alarm is an intelligent charging app that helps you charge your device faster by using the latest technology to monitor and adjust the charging process.

The app is designed to prevent overcharging and overheating, which can damage your battery; it also prevents the device from being unplugged while it’s still charging or plugged in when it’s fully charged. 

Charge Alarm is highly customizable, allowing you to set up different charging modes depending on your needs.

Battery Saver – Super Cleaner

Battery Saver – Super Cleaner is a battery-saving app that can help you save battery power, clean up memory, speed up your phone and optimize your device to run faster.

This app detects when the device becomes idle and stops unnecessary tasks so that it consumes fewer CPU cycles and battery life. It also helps you determine which apps use most of the battery on Android phones or tablets by displaying an icon next to each running process.

Battery Guru: Battery Health

Battery Guru is a battery-saving app that helps you to monitor your battery health and extend its life. 

It can detect if your phone has low or empty, which means no power left in it, and it also identifies how much time is left before the next charge.

The app comes with various features, including:

  • Power saving mode (which disables all background applications)
  • Battery usage tracking by days/hours/minutes or by apps


I hope you have enjoyed this list of the best fast charging apps that we reviewed for you . If you are looking for a way to keep your battery topped off and ready for action, these apps may be what you need.

 I use all of them on my phone because they all do an excellent job at helping me get through busy days without worrying about battery life.


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