10 Best Decoy Apps

Best Decoy Apps

In today’s digital age, finding a way to keep your personal information safe from cybercriminals is difficult. But some services can help you protect yourself from identity theft and other breaches from One of these decoy apps from the list we made for you. 

What are decoy apps?

Decoy apps are apps that look like regular apps, but they’re used to hide other apps.

 You can use them for many purposes, including hiding private photos and videos from prying eyes or preventing people from seeing your private files. 

The decoy app is placed on your phone’s home screen, so it looks like a normal app. The only way someone would know it’s there is if they dig into settings.

Private Photo Vault – Keepsafe

Keepsafe is a private photo vault and video storage app that lets you safely store your pictures, videos, and documents. It’s more than just a cloud storage provider.

 It also encrypts your files so the owner can only access them.

The Keepsafe app allows users to access their private photos from anywhere with an internet connection, even if they have no cell phone signal or Wi-Fi connection at all, and The app works great on tablets and smartphones (Android 4.3+).

Calculator – photo vault

The Calculator app provides a secret calculator that you can use to hide photos and videos.

 It’s a great way to keep your precious memories safe, whether you’re giving someone else access to them or just want to keep them out of the wrong hands.

The Calculator app includes two modes: one where it looks like an actual calculator and another where it doesn’t look like one.

You’ll want the latter mode if you want people who aren’t aware of what they’re looking at when they open the app on their phones or tablets.

 Otherwise, though, and this may sound weird, it might be more likely for them not to notice an extra feature in play here than if everything was set up as usual (which would make sense because most people wouldn’t know about this feature).

Private Photo Vault

The best private photo vault app for Android is Private Photo Vault. This app lets you hide and lock your photos, videos and music in a secure location. 

You can set it up so that only you have access to the content on your device or share it with friends if they ask for it. The app offers some other useful features too:

  • Viewer mode allows anyone who knows its secret password to see what’s inside without opening the vault itself (except when viewing photos). You can also add this feature as an additional layer of security by having multiple users viewing at once the first person enters their PIN into one machine. In contrast, everyone else views something else entirely.
  • The file management system lets users upload files from external storage devices to their internal memory via Wi-Fi networks. It ensures no one else gets hold of them before sending them off safely protected behind passwords only accessible when connected directly through USB cables.

LOCKED Secret Photo Vault

LOCKED Secret Photo Vault is a fun and free app that lets you lock photos and videos to keep them away from prying eyes.

 It also has military-grade encryption, so your sensitive content is safe in this app.

You can use the fingerprint scanner to unlock the vault by scanning your finger on the sensor (which means no need for passwords).

 Once unlocked, you can select any photo or video from your gallery and safely hide it behind a password-protected protection wall.

Vault-Hide Pics, App Lock

Vault is a photo vault that allows you to hide your photos and videos with military-grade encryption. 

It’s an app locker that protects your private photos and videos from being seen by anyone else.


AppLock is a free app that allows you to lock apps and photos. This app can lock the apps on your phone. The user can also lock pictures and videos in the app.

 It has an access control feature that allows you to lock apps and photos by setting a password for each item.

You can use this software as an anti-theft tool to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes, hackers or anyone who might want access without authorization (elderly parents won’t be able to get into their kids’ emails).

Gallery – hide photos & video.

The gallery is a free app that lets you hide your photos and videos in their system. 

You can use this app to hide pictures and videos from your gallery.

You can choose which files should be hidden or not by using different options:

  • Clean mode: In this mode, the app will remove all images from their folders. This option is best for maintaining the privacy of sensitive information like credit card numbers or PINs because it doesn’t save any data on the phone’s internal storage area but instead deletes everything from an external SD card (if there’s one).

Photo Vault – WeVault

Photo Vault is an app that lets you store your photos and videos safely without worrying about them getting lost in the cloud or on social media. 

The app also lets you access all of your photos from any device with a login, so if someone tries to take over your phone, they will only have access to their pictures.

 You can also add music and videos into the vault and edit captions on each photo before saving it.

 The pro version includes support for secure photo storage (that’s what we use), gallery sync across devices (we use this, too), and video uploads in HD quality so everyone can see how fantastic our vacation was last summer!

FotoX – Hide Photos & Videos

FotoX is a secret photo vault app. It allows you to hide photos and videos in your camera roll and view them whenever possible. 

You can also access those hidden files on devices like your phone or tablet.

FotoX offers three different versions: Private Photo Vault, Secret Photos & Videos (which includes the ability to lock down all hidden images), and Data Private (which lets users protect their data by creating a PIN). The best part about this app is that it’s available for Android and iOS devices.

The Android version has an elegant icon similar to Google Drive’s folder icon.

 Once installed into your device’s home screen, tap “Set Up” at the bottom right corner of where it appears if there isn’t one already there; this will bring up another menu where all three versions are listed under “Other Apps.”

  • You’ll then need to choose which type(s) of protection suits you best, whether that means hiding everything inside a single album title as Apple Music does with its library feature.
  • Or put everything into separate folders within this album title, so everyone knows where things go but keeps them safe from prying eyes like spies during espionage missions against foreign governments.

KYMS app

KYMS is an excellent app for hiding photos and videos. It allows you to hide them in a secure vault so that only those with the correct passcode can access them. 

The app is especially useful if you’re worried about someone getting into your phone or laptop while they’re not looking or if someone wants to take specific photos off social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

The KYMS app works with multiple devices: Android phones and iPhones.


These apps look like other applications on your phone, but they aren’t that applications at all. They’re fake apps designed to trick cybercriminals into thinking they’ve gotten more information than they have.

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