9 Best Calisthenics Apps

Best Calisthenics Apps

If you’re looking for a way to get fit, look no further than Calisthenics. Calisthenics are exercises that involve bodyweight, strength and flexibility training.

 This type of workout requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Some people call it “bodyweight training.”

The best calisthenics apps are easy to use and give real-time feedback, so you know how well your form is holding up during exercises.

What is Calisthenics

Calisthenics is an exercise discipline that uses one’s body weight for resistance.

The word “calisthenics” comes from the ancient Greek Kallos, meaning beauty, and sthenos, meaning strength. 

Calisthenics can also increase cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance when properly performed.

Best Calisthenics Apps


Thenics is a fitness app with over 150 calisthenics exercises and tutorials for beginners, which makes it helpful when you’re trying to learn a new exercise or need assistance.

 The trainer explains and demonstrates the exercises well, so nothing is missed.

The app also provides instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly, providing detailed step-by-step guides for each move, including pictures and written text explaining what needs to be done to successfully complete each move.


Caliverse is a fitness app that helps you train for Calisthenics. It has a variety of workouts, including ones designed specifically for specific muscle groups.

 The app’s workouts are also free to download and use, so there’s no charge to try out this tool.

Caliverse offers users three workout plans: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Calisthenics Athletes. 

These plans provide beginners with an introduction to the world of Calisthenics with simple movements such as pushups and squats while challenging them enough to build up their strength.

 Over time by performing more, you can do advanced exercises like burpees (burpees are jumping jacks), kettlebell swings (which is swinging something around your body) or jump squats (doing jumping jacks).

Each plan has its own set of exercises designed specifically for each level – so if you’re new, then definitely start here first because these sets will help get the ball rolling on building up those muscles.

Street Workout 

The Street Workout App is great for beginners and advanced calisthenics enthusiasts. It has over 600 exercises, so there are plenty of options.

It includes video tutorials for each exercise and a timer to keep track of your progress. Freeletics has a wide variety of workouts and programs to choose from.

It also offers personal training, nutrition and sleep coaching, and the option to purchase a gym membership if you’re looking for more than just exercise classes.

Grit – Calisthenics Workouts

Grit is a calisthenics app that lets you create your workout routines and track your progress. 

With the Grit app, you can choose over 100 exercises to design your workouts based on four muscle groups: upper body, lower body, core and cardio. 

You can also customize which days of the week you want to work out with different training or intensity levels for each exercise. The app offers a wide range of exercises and workouts for all skill levels, so there’s something for everyone.


Freeletics is a fitness app that helps you build muscle and burn fat. It’s free to download, but you must pay for some features. 

The workouts are short and intense, so they don’t take very long if you’re busy with other things in your life. Freeletics has a large community of members who can ask questions or advise on improving their fitness routine.

Freeletics also offers several types of workouts: strength training (which includes weight lifting), Calisthenics (commonly known as bodyweight exercises), interval training (such as high-intensity sprints), martial arts sparring techniques, yoga poses, dance routines and more.

The app’s exercises are designed for beginners and advanced athletes looking for something different from traditional cardio workouts or strength training programs offered by other apps on this list (like Yoga Studio).

Calisthenics Mastery

Calisthenics Mastery is a calisthenics training app for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The app offers workouts that will help you improve your fitness level and body shape. It also provides detailed information about the exercises, their benefits and how they can be performed by anyone regardless of their previous experience working out with weights or other equipment.

The app comes with an extensive library of videos that show exactly how to perform each exercise correctly so that it’s easy for anyone who wants to get started immediately without having any prior knowledge about Calisthenics beforehand (or even if they do).

Calisthenics parks app

The Calisthenics Parks App is a free app with over 200 workouts. It’s designed to help you start with Calisthenics, and the exercises can be used in parks or anywhere else you want to work out. The app has animated tutorials, a workout calendar and a community forum so that you can ask questions about the exercises or just hang out with other people who are into Calisthenics!

The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Thenx is a fitness app that will help you get in shape with Calisthenics.

  • You can do bodyweight exercises anywhere.
  • It tracks your progress and gives you tips on how to improve your technique, so you can reach your goals faster.
  • There are workouts for beginners and advanced users, so everyone has something they enjoy doing!
  • The workouts are designed for all skill levels, so no matter what fitness or experience level, there’s something here for everyone!

We’re Working Out – Al Kavadlo app

We’re Working Out is a great app for calisthenics beginners. It has a lot of videos and tutorials on how to perform the exercises, as well as workout routines and progress tracking.

The app also has many high-quality videos of calisthenics workouts, making it easy for you to learn new moves or improve your current ones.

We’re Working Out is made by Al Kavadlo, a former gymnast who used his athleticism to help others become more fit through Calisthenics (also known as bodyweight exercises). He’s been blogging about fitness since 2012, with over 2 million followers on Instagram alone!


We’ve learned that there are many apps to choose from, and they all have unique features. Some of them might work better for you than others, but we hope this list will give you a good start on finding the best app for your workout needs!


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