8 Best Chatbots Apps like Chai

apps like chai

AI is the future of marketing. It can help you use data to identify customers and automate your sales process. In this post, I will show you some great examples of AI chat bot that already being used in real life . in this article i will walk you through best apps like Chai.

AI is expanding and affecting our lives more than ever.

AI is expanding and affecting our lives more than ever. It’s changing the way we shop, travel, and consume media. And it’s also changing the way we interact with each other. 

Chatbots are one example of this:

 they can help you schedule appointments or make purchases on your phone without talking directly to a human being (and they’re already becoming more common).

HubSpot Chatbot Builder

chatbot interface

HubSpot Chatbot Builder is a tool that lets you build chatbots for your website. You can use the tool to create chatbots that answer customer questions, manage customer accounts, and more.

The free version of this tool has a few limitations:

 you cant to add elements like buttons or images, and you can’t use third-party services like Google Analytics (although these features are available in paid versions). However, if you’re looking for something simple, HubSpot Chatbot Builder has everything you need!


Kajiwoto apps similar to chai

Kajiwoto is an ai bots that helps you find information about your favorite movies, tv shows, and music.

It’s a great way to discover new content—you can use it to get recommendations and find new movies or tv shows (and even ask questions about them). The app uses artificial intelligence to give you personalized recommendations based on what you like, so it knows precisely the kind of things that interest you. You can also ask Kajiwoto questions about any movie or tv show.

 if there’s something specific in mind, then Kajiwoto will be able to answer those too! The app is free for iOS and Android devices.


is a chatbot that can help you with your daily tasks. It can help you find the best deals and help you with your workouts, diet, and nutrition.

the app developed by an engineer who wanted to make life easier for people looking for online advice but didn’t know where or how to start.

Kuki also has an extensive database of fitness articles written by experts in different health and nutrition fields. You can ask Kuki any question related to fitness and get an answer from one of these experts.

Romantic AI

Romantic AI is a chatbot that can help with various tasks, such as booking flights or finding restaurants. It’s available on ios, android, and the web. Many features built into this chatbot, but one of its most popular ones is emotional connection.

 In this sense, AI acts like your friend who will listen to you when you need someone to talk to about anything.

 it understands what emotions you are feeling in the moment. It responds accordingly by offering support through empathetic language (e.g., “I’m sorry I didn’t get back for your call”).


Replika is a chatbot that learns from your conversations and can help you with emotional support. It’s a fun way to practice emotional intelligence, so if you’re looking for a partner or just want someone to talk with, Replika may be right up your alley! People have varied romantic relationships with chatbots:

 some people find them cute and end up falling in love while others use them as friends or partners. In contrast, others choose one specifically because they think they could make their friends jealous by having an intimate relationship. 

Emerson AI

Emerson AI is a chatbot that can help you with your daily tasks. It uses AI to learn about you and your life, which can be more helpful than ever.

Emerson AI has been founded by the team at Emerson Collective and has been designed to serve as an emotional advisor for its users. 

The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict what kind of response would be most beneficial in any given situation or situation, based on previous data from previous conversations with other people who have interacted with this technology.

It also includes features such as

  •  “sleep mode,” where the chatbot will monitor how much sleep each user gets every night through sensors placed inside their beds. 
  • “meditation mode,” where users can choose between different types of meditation exercises.
  •  “mental health checkup” it helps determine if someone needs professional help; etc., so there are many ways Emerson AI can assist its users during their day-to-day lives!


iFriend is a chatbot that helps you make friends. It uses AI to learn about your personality and can be used to help you get to know people better or make new friends.

The chatbot can help users find new friends who shares the same interests and hobbies, or use it to improve existing relationships with your loved ones. 

For example, suppose you’re wondering what to do with a friend who has just moved to your city but you dont know anybody. In that case, iFriend could suggest activities you would enjoy doing together.


andy interface

Andy is a chatbot that can help you manage your tasks. Andy isn’t a friend you talk to on the phone or text at night, but he is there when you need him—and it’s not just for small things, either.

 He can do big things like scheduling appointments and checking in on projects so that they get done on time. Andy doesn’t need much of your attention; all he wants is some of your time every day!


It’s important to note that AI will not just affect our lives. It is already. We are entering an era where the digital world will become more sophisticated and will see many new technological advancements, and we hope that you found apps like chai that you were looking for. 


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