6 Best Apps like Ditty

app like ditty

So, you’re looking for apps to help with your productivity? Ditty is a great tool that has been on the market for a long time. It’s one of those apps that has been around for decades and still works! This article will explain what Ditty does and how it can help you get things done more efficiently also some more apps like ditty. 

What is Ditty?

Ditty is a fantastic tool that sings anything from a text message to your favorite song. This app allows you to record, share, and things that you type.

You can choose from several different themes for your Ditty, like “Sesame Street,” “Disney Princess,” or “Candy Land.”


Apps like Ditty

Clash is a new concept for creating messages that incorporate media exploration. Text and image search allows you to find content around an idea, genre, or topic.

 With Clash, you can search for clips from TV shows, movies, and music videos and find quotes from books and novels.

Clash links directly to all types of audio content: music, movies & TV shows; YouTube videos; radio stations.



Yarn is the best way to search, share and discover video clips on the Internet. It’s like YouTube for short video clips.

Yarn’s App Lets You Share Short Clips From Movies, TV Shows, And Music Videos

Yarn is a new app that lets you share short clips from movies, TV shows, and music videos. The idea is to give users more control over how they share content on social media. The app is available for iOS devices, with an Android version coming soon.



Speechelo is a voice generation app that lets you create AI-powered text-to-speech voices. You can use Speechelo to generate text-to-speech and audio files for your use or even sell them as ringtones and alerts.

Speechlo makes creating expressive, humanlike voices easy using our unique technology powered by artificial neural networks (ANNs). 

They don’t just copy existing voices; each of their models has its unique sound signature so that they sound like actual people when spoken aloud! You will No longer have to deal with robotic sounds on your phone or software application; Speechelo’s technology makes every word sound like a natural living person.

Capti Voice

capti voice interface


Capti Voice is an award-winning reading tool that offers a new approach to consuming digital content.

Use Capti to listen to books, articles, and more on multiple devices, even without an internet connection!

Capti Voice is a reading tool that allows you to listen to content on your phone or tablet. It lets you read books, articles, and other content in a distraction-free interface.

Capti Voice is an excellent app if you want to listen to books while doing chores around the house. It’s also useful for listening to articles or other content while driving or commuting. You can use Capti Voice on multiple devices and even offline.


PlayPhrase is a free app that extracts the scene, movie category, and other relevant information about your favorite movies. The app can also help you find similar movies to watch on Netflix or Hulu (if you want a list of TV shows).

The app also lets you share your movie preferences with friends and family.

The app is currently available on iOS and Android devices. You can create an account with the app, but it’s not necessary to use it.


starmaker logo

StarMaker is a free music app that allows you to create songs and music videos. The app will enable you to record your voice and other people’s voices or import audio from other apps. You can also share your songs on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter with the option of downloading them as MP3s (or other formats).

The best part about StarMaker is their automatic tuning feature which ensures that all your instruments are correctly working before recording begins.


And there you have it! We hope this list of apps like ditty has helped you find the perfect tool for your project. If none of these fit what you’re looking for, don’t worry – plenty more out there! 


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