12 Handy Fitness App to Help You Stay Healthy

There are a lot of smart smartphone apps that can help us reach our goals more simple. Here are the top 12 fitness and health apps for you to look into!


  1. RunKeeper (Android/Apple)

RunKeeper is a great tracking tool for runners that is fun to use. It allows you to quickly and effortlessly make routes, then monitor and evaluate your performance. You can even create fitness plans that will help you to achieve various objectives.

RunKeeper’s sleek interface offers a wealth of features underneath the surface. The application is incredibly powerful and offers a wealth of connectivity with other applications and smart devices.

  1. C25K: Couch to 5K (Android/Apple)

The app’s name is beautiful and will get you off your couch and turn you into an ultra-marathon runner! It’s an excellent option for those who want to tackle this challenging fitness test.

Select from a variety of training programs beginning at zero and going to 10k! Do not worry, the fantastic tracking tools will make sure you don’t miss the training sessions!

Gym Junkies

  1. JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer (Android/Apple)

In the gym, it is essential to follow the proper lifting patterns and lifting forms. If you don’t, your performance will be less than stellar and you could hurt yourself.

Fortunately, JEFIT can prevent this by acting as your personal trainer. Very knowledgeable because of the extensive database of more than 1300 exercises, with tips and animations. Additionally you can make use of fitness programs and trackers to meet your goals.

  1. FitNotes Gym Workout Log (Android Only)

The gym is where progress can lead to faster improvement in your mirror. FitNotes provides a unique way to manage your exercises track your lifts, track them and monitor your improvement. It’s totally free with no ads to distract you!

FitNotes allows for great customization options, allowing users to create custom workout routines , and then tailor the program to meet their specific needs. A must-download application for serious gym goers!

  1. StrongLifts 5×5 (Android/Apple)

If you weren’t conscious, StrongLifts is a legendary weightlifting program. It can be altered to achieve a variety of goals , such as strength-building, all-out or losing fat.

Through this program, you get a certified StrongLifts instructor. You’ll be guided precisely what exercises to do and how to move forward. It has even advanced features that allow for failed workouts, missed lifts and plateaus. It’s an absolute godsend for bodybuilders who are just beginning their journey!

Diet Control

  1. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter (Android/Apple)

MyFitnessPal has grown to be one of the most well-known tracking apps for dietary intake and it’s not without reason. Calorie counting is easy with its five million+ food records. It’s easy to calculate calories in recipes , and be confidently monitor your daily diet.

With the inclusion of fitness tracking features the application has grown into an all-in-one application!

  1. My Diet Coach (Android/Apple)

My Diet Coach can be a great tool for novices to understand how to modify their diets to ensure effective weight reduction. Users will be able to gain valuable advice, tips and even a strong incentive to keep going!

It is particularly encouraging gradual lifestyle changes by utilizing a relaxed approach. Additionally the calorie and progress monitoring systems are a simple to utilize.

  1. FatSecret Calorie Counter (Android/Apple)

FatSecret provides a robust nutrition tracking platform that isn’t difficult for novice users. It allows for quick recording of food and meals, and also tracks calories from exercising.

There are some interesting features as well like barcode scanning, recipes, Facebook and Google integration. If you’re looking for an effective program to monitor your diet, then FatSecret is the perfect selection.

SmartWatch Wearers

  1. Google Fit (Android Only)

Google Fit has undergone a series of upgrades in the last year, bringing greater functionality and more trackable metrics than it has ever had! It’s now an excellent personal fitness center for Android Wear users.

It’s fairly simple to use, free, and constantly growing with frequent updates. If you’re using an Android smartwatch, you should get Google Fit!

  1. Nike+ Running (Android/Apple)

Nike has built an unbeatable image in the fitness and sports industry. Its Nike+ Fuel Band pioneered fitness wearables. Now, the Running application is accessible across a range of platforms.

Nike+ Running is well designed for Android Wear and Apple Watch users. Along with keeping track of your distance and whereabouts, you can join online leader boards and get encouragement from other runners!

Fun Motivation

  1. Ingress (Android/Apple)

If you could make fitness into a highly addictive sport, can it help you get in shape? If yes, you’ll want to look into Ingress The location-based AR-based location adventure!

Ingress will send you on an exciting scavenger hunting and complete interactive challenges with other players. It will help you unleash your competitive side, and it can give you the drive you require.

  1. Zombies, Run! (Android/Apple)

In the event of the zombie apocalypse, the only thing you can do is survival of the most fit. In this instance you’ll get more fit while battling you’re fighting for your life! Zombies, Run! is an thrilling and immersive zombie survival game. There’s nothing better to pump up your adrenaline than to hear and feel like you’re being pursued.

The jogging to the stores now turns into an extremely risky supply run. You’ve got to be on the move to stay alive!

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