10 Best Last Seen Tracker Apps

Best Last Seen Tracker Apps

The world of tracking your loved ones is a complicated one. There are so many apps available to help you do just that, but which one is best? 

With so many choices and no clear winner, it can be difficult for an average Joe like you to know where to start.

So I’ve reviewed all the major Last Seen Tracker apps and presented my findings as clearly as possible.

Best Last Seen Tracker Apps

last seen app

The LastSeen app is a great way to keep tabs on the online status of your friends and family members. The app lets you see who’s online, where, and what they’re doing. 

You can even see what apps they’re using or if they’ve checked into Facebook recently.

The app is perfect for keeping tabs on your kids or your spouse. You can see what they’re doing online, which can be helpful if you’re a parent trying to keep an eye on their child’s activities.

WhatsChat – Last Seen Tracker

WhatsChat is an app that you can use to find out when your contacts are online and offline. It will notify you when they’re active, and the last time they were active.

 The app also allows users to see if their friends have been inactive for longer than usual or whether any new contacts may be worth adding.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends and Family and ensure you’re not missing out on anything important.

Powa: Last Seen Online Tracker

Powa Last Seen Online Tracker is an excellent app for tracking users’ last seen online.

 It also has an integrated contact list and can be used to check if someone has been active on WhatsApp or other messaging platforms.

This app makes it easy to find out if someone has been online recently and even shows them their phone number so that you can call them directly.

Online Monitor (Last Seen)

You can use the app to monitor your loved ones’ online activity.

 You can use it to know if they are on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites like Instagram.

 The app also tracks their location using GPS technology and will let you know if they have visited any particular places in real-time.

 If someone goes missing, it will be easy for their family members or friends to find out where they went missing.

Nowa: Last Seen Notification

Nowa is an excellent tracker app that lets you know where your friends and Family are. It’s available for Android and iOS users, so you don’t need to worry about which platform you use.

Nowa offers an easy-to-use interface that gives detailed information about each person’s location. Using this app, you can:

  • See their last seen date and time (in addition to their current status)
  • View photos of them if they post them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter
  • Search for people by name or other criteria

Notiwa : Online Tracker Notify

Notiwa is an excellent app for keeping track of your friends.

  • Get notifications when your friends are online or offline.
  • Notify your friends when you are online and offline.
  • See who is online or offline, as well as how long ago they were last seen on the app.

Chat Track : Last Seen Tracker Chat

Chat Track is a free app for Android that helps you track your friends’ last seen status. 

You can also get the location of your friends, which means that if they move away from their home address, this app will help you find them wherever they are.

 The app is available in Hindi and English (with more than 30 other languages), so it’s easy to download on any device.

The app requires you to sign up with your phone number or Facebook account, which means you’ll need a mobile device. Once you’re signed up, it’s easy to get started.

Go into the app and select your friend from the list of contacts who have also installed this app.

Family Tracker – Online Status

This app is a great option for families with children who travel or attend school away from home.

 The family tracker will help you track where your kids are so that you can find out quickly if one of them goes missing.

The app uses GPS technology to locate your child’s location and send notifications when they are near someone else with the same technology installed on their phone, This allows for easier communication between parents because there won’t be any confusion about what part of town or city their children were in.

Parental App: Online Tracker

The Parental App Online Tracker is an excellent app for parents who want to track their children’s online activities. 

Any family member can use this app, allowing you to track all family members, even if they are outside your home country. 

The trial period lasts 21 days, after which it will cost $2 per month or $20 annually (or both). 

You can also lock down certain features, such as notifications, so only certain people can see them or disable them if you don’t need them anymore. It’s available on both iOS as well as Android devices!

Family Follow: Online Tracker

Family Follow is a free app that helps you track your family members’ online status.

 Anyone can download it from the PlayStore, and compatible with most devices, including Android phones and tablets. 

The app enables you to track up to 5 people at once, so if family members don’t have an account on Family Follow already (or have forgotten their password), this may be just what they need.

The interface is very simple; after installing Family Follow on your phone or tablet, you must click “Start Tracking” to become active immediately after launch. 

From here on out, you’ll just need some details about each person’s device location data (location) and their approximate age range (which should be easy enough since we’re talking about kids here).

 Once these two things are done correctly, everything else will automatically happen, without requiring any further action whatsoever.”


Anyone can use all these apps to track a person’s location and last seen and notify the Family when the person is offline. They are an excellent tool for families to keep in touch with their loved ones and help them feel secure about being safe at all times.


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