10 Best Apps like Klover

Apps like klover

We’ve all been there, and you get home from work and ready for some fun. But you don’t have cash on hand, and your bank card has just been rejected once again by one of those annoying online payment services like PayPal or other payment services.

You searched for an alternative payment method, but there are so many options that it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we decided to put together this list of apps like Klover that will allow you to take care of your finances in no time!

Best Apps like Klover


Float is a mobile app that lets you borrow money. You can use it to pay for unexpected expenses, like a car repair or an emergency trip to the hospital.

FloatMe users can choose how much they want to borrow with no hidden fees or costs, so there’s no risk of overborrowing their credit limit!


If you’re looking for a payday loan alternative, Hundy is an app that gives you a small loan and requires you to pay full payment within 30 days. The goal here is to build good credit so that when it comes time for bigger loans or credit cards (or student loans), there will be no issues getting approved.

Hundy takes about 10% of your earnings each month, which means if your total take-home pay is $1,000 per month and your monthly interest rate is 10%, Hundy would take $100 from each paycheck—which can be quite painful when combined with other expenses like car payments or rent!


You can use Brigit to build credit, but it’s not just for that. You can also use it to make purchases and pay bills.

Brigit has no fees and minimum balance required, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck paying back a loan or overdraft fee because you didn’t pay enough interest over time. And since there are no monthly statements with Brigit—you’ll receive one once every six months—you won’t miss out on any important information like your balance (or lack thereof).

The best part? You don’t need an account number or Social Security number when applying for the card online; you only need your name and address plus an email address where we’ll send a letter confirming approval for the account creation process!


Empower is an app that offers cash advances without the traditional payday loan fees. Possible Finance offers cash advances to applicants who have a bank account and regular income of at least $1,000 per month.


Stash is a cash app, savings account, and checking account. It’s free to use and has no hidden fees.

Stash can be used by anyone with a debit card or credit card (or even using your PayPal balance) to send money via bank transfer. If you want to transfer funds from another account, Stash will do this instantly without fees.

Possible Finance


Possible Finance is a cash advance lender that does not require a credit check. They have a mobile app and an online portal, so you can apply no matter where you are in the world.

Possible Finance has a good reputation for providing flexible repayment options to its customers, including deferred payments, partial payments, and no-appeal clauses. It also offers quick approval times on loans of up to $500 and fast cash through Western Union or direct deposit into your bank account.

Chime SpotMe

Chime SpotMe is a personal finance app that helps you save money and earn rewards. It’s secure, simple, and easy to use—and it just got better!

Chime has added two new features:

  • You can now use your fingerprint or passcode to log in to Chime SpotMe on mobile devices (Android, iOS).
  • Chime users can now access their bank accounts through the app to view transactions from their bank accounts in real-time.


Cleo is an app that helps you borrow or save money by rounding up your purchases. It’s free to use and works by rounding up your purchases, so they’re all added together, then you can withdraw the money in one lump sum at the end of each month.

Cleo is also an excellent way to save up for something special, like a new pair of shoes or concert tickets, because it’ll let you invest all those spare coins into an account where they can grow and multiply over time!

Vola Finance

Vola Finance is a free app that helps you get a loan for up to $1,000. It’s secure and safe, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information being stolen or used against you. If you’re interested in learning more about the app, check out our full review here!

The best part? Applying takes only a few minutes—no need for lengthy paperwork or complicated forms! The application process even includes an automated credit checker, so there’s no need for human interaction once it’s submitted online via their website portal (which also offers other services such as loans).

Grid Payboost

Grid Payboost allows users to apply for short-term loans and pay them back with their credit card or bank account.

How does it work?

You can apply for a loan of up to $1,000 using your smartphone by filling out an online form, then pay back the loan using your debit card or PayPal account. If you don’t pay back what you owe within six months, they will put an attachment on your credit report, which will prevent other lenders from approving future loans until it’s cleared up.


And I’m sure you’ve already noticed that Klover is a very easy-to-use app, which means that it’s quick and intuitive when it comes to getting things done. This makes it perfect for people who want an app where they don’t have to worry about learning how everything works before they can get started.


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