best camera apps for photography 
6 Aug 2022

best camera apps for photography 

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Nowadays, numerous camera applications are available, and it’s challenging to pick the right choice to take photos. While smartphone camera apps are pretty good today, having an app designed to extend your phone’s camera capabilities is always helpful.

This article will take an overview of the top camera applications for smartphones, which includes Android and iOS alternatives (both paid and free).

Let’s start if you’re looking for a top app for taking photos on your smartphone and videos.

  • Adobe Photoshop Camera (iOS and Android)

Cost: Free With in-app purchases

Our first pick of the top camera applications is Adobe Photoshop Camera. Although it doesn’t provide many of the manual settings other apps for cameras offer, the Photoshop Camera application provides an extensive selection of intelligent filter effects for live cameras (called Lenses) to apply to the scene. After you’ve selected the filter, Ai will choose the lens, and it will apply AI-powered algorithms to the selection in real-time to create stunning effects.

There are numerous free lenses and editing features within the Adobe Photoshop Camera, which gives you a responsive phoneography experience allowing you to expand your creativity with fascinating effects such as: Rainy Window, Cyanotype (see the image above), Vintage, Double Exposure, Blue Skies, Pop Color, Monochrome, and more.

If you’re searching for an exciting and enjoyable method to play around with photography effects and effects, Photoshop Camera by Adobe Photoshop Camera is well worth it.

Open Camera (Android)Price: Free

Open Camera is among the most flexible camera application alternatives available on Android and is an excellent open-source alternative to the default Android camera application. Free, Open Camera features numerous features to perform phoneography.

In the beginning, Open Camera offers the fundamental functions that many dedicated camera apps provide. ISO and the ability to adjust focus, exposure white balance, and white balance are available. However, Open Camera also offers a myriad of other functions as well as options that can be customized, such as RAW functions and face detection. It also has ghost image functions (which employ an image overlay that aids in achieving alignment) and burst mode: noise reduction, focus, exposure bracketing, and much more.

Additionally, you can access an on-screen histogram, a variety of guidelines, and grids. You also get a panoramic function that works with both cameras on the front and back and Zebra stripes, focus peaking, and the ability to activate the Camera remotely through a loud sound. While the interface might not be as fluid as other apps for photography, Open Camera also has an adjustable GUI that allows or blocks various features based on the user’s preferences.

Price: USD 7.99

Camera+ 2 is an enhanced version of its acclaimed precursor, Camera+, and both have earned a reputation for being two of the top iPhone camera applications on the market. It comes with lighting, ISO adjusts for white and exposure, and the ability to stabilize images, focus locks, and RAW editing and shooting. Camera+ 2 is an excellent app to keep in your arsenal to take advantage of iOS smartphone photography.

Camera+ 2 also has an indicator for clipping with focus peaking, hands-free control using Siri shortcuts, Apple Watch remote trigger compatibility, and smile detection. The improved extended exposure function allows for up to 30 seconds and even shows an image preview when taking an exposure.

Furthermore, the Monuments mode employs AI technology to identify objects that move through a sequence of frames and then erase these from the picture. Monuments mode may make an enormous difference if you’re trying to get an image that is free of moving people or vehicles.

Cost Free and with in-app purchases

Do you wish you could incorporate an experience reminiscent of a darkroom into your iPhone? Darker is an application that lets iOS users take and edit photos exclusively with black or white with simulated film cameras and a darkroom-inspired method.

The Dark app comes with a range of fascinating features. For instance, its basic JPEG shooting is done with a 35mm camera’s fixed interface (though you can transfer existing photos of your roll). There are two additional camera simulators (medium as well as large size) that you can purchase.

Darker provides a unique editing style too. With Darkroom mode, the application creates negative images. Once you have selected a negative, users are presented with an interface modeled as a test strip to choose an appropriate exposure. The user can choose to burn and dodge when selecting different film types and edit layers, and applying tonnes are possible through the purchase of in-app purchases.

Pricing Free and with in-app purchases

this app is advertised as a powerful tool for post-production that you can use for post-production. Adobe Lightroom is touted as an effective post-production software. Adobe Lightroom mobile app is a comprehensive editing tool with a helpful camera feature. Although the app’s base version is entirely free.

 You’ll need to sign up for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to access features like the ability to make selective adjustments, a healing brush geometric tool for batch editing, and RAW support.

The Camera is equipped with various filters that are applied in real-time. The two available filters are options for black and white – high and flat – which are helpful when you want to capture stunning monochrome pictures.

Lightroom has a photographer community eager to collaborate and get inspiration from one another. Even though Lightroom’s Camera may not be as versatile as the other alternatives on this list, it’s simple to use. The app’s RAW photography and numerous editing options provide straightforward and powerful phoneography software.

Cost Free for in-app purchases

KD PRO Disposable camera is an adorable application that resembles the classic disposable Camera. It is available for Android and iOS devices. It’s an entertaining way to experience retro-style photography. With various filter styles, a self-timer, sound effects, a frame counter, additional light leaks, and time stamps the multiple types can customize, KD PRO makes for fun photography with a touch of nostalgia.

Paid-for features allow you to transfer images into your Camera, browse original photos, and change your Camera’s color. For the authentic experience of a disposable camera, you can extend” film development time” to up to three days “film developing time” to as long as three days.

Price: First 100 shots free, plus in-app purchases

It describes itself as a “minimalist camera designed for purists and professional photographers,” RAW+ is camera software that focuses on hands-on experience. With a responsive interface, balanced screen space, huge sliders, and a clean appearance, RAW+ is brought to life when used in landscape orientation. The app effectively divides the manual controls to provide more comfort and control.

RAW+ provides all-inclusive manual exposure and manual focus control, the white balance setting, an RGB histogram, and warnings about shadow clipping and highlighting. The application also allows RAW shooting and ProRAW. This Apple format combines the data of the regular RAW file and iOS image processing, giving you extra artistic control and flexibility.

Cost 1-week trial free followed by USD 11.99 annually or a one-time charge of USD 36.00

The app is well-known for its straightforward and sophisticated interface Halide Mark II shares many of the predecessor’s characteristics. With the ability to use gestures with responsivity and complete manual control (divided into smaller increments to allow precise adjustments), This app is created to provide a fluid user experience.

Features of Halide Mark II include manual exposure controls and highlight peaking, color zebras Depth mode, machine learning aiding RAW, ProRAW photography Extended Dynamic Range (XDR), and the focus loupe feature and real-time 14-bit RAW visualization for precise rendering of tonal information.

It also includes an option for privacy, which will erase embedded location information if the image is uploaded with any app owned by Facebook.

Price: In-app purchases (Lite); $4.99 USD (Pro)

The manual Camera has many functions and comes with an easy-to-use interface. Adjustments for white balance, exposure and focus, ISO, and many other options are available. Manual Camera offers only a few possibilities: scene modes, face detection and focus assist, RAW shooting touch-to-capture, and geotagging.

There is two manual Camera app available for Android photography: manual Camera DSLR Pro and Manual Camera DSLR Lite. Lite is completely free and offers users access to many options. However, this Lite version has a few limitations, such as the resolution limit of 8 MP and a five-minute recording limit.

Price: USD 8.99, plus in-app purchases

Pro Camera by Moment is a multi-functional app that has earned its place in the field as one of the top camera apps on iOS. Pro Camera comes with everything you’d expect from a top camera app, including an easy-to-use layout for the screen and numerous options, settings, and customizations. Fully manual controls include a live histogram, bracketing support split focus and exposure RAW and TIFF recording (including burst mode), focus peaking, and zebra stripes. It’s all included within Pro Camera. Pro Camera app.

It is necessary to make a payment upfront for access to the application. You can also purchase additional features, such as the time-lapse mode and the ability to use a slow shutter feature.

It is important to note that the slow shutter mode comes with two choices: motion blur and light trails. Motion blur allows fluid renderings of moving scenes for any duration. While the long exposure is being created, the live rendering is displayed in the background. In this way, if like the image, even before the disclosure is complete, it is possible to hit the shutter button to finish the shot.

If you’re discovering that other programs are not as good regarding long-exposure features, Pro Camera by Moment is an excellent option.

Pricing Free and with in-app purchases

Easy to use and simple to make use of, Footej Camera 2 has various options, including complete manual control and burst mode, panorama mode, time-lapse mode HDR+ (for Pixel 2 phones), and RAW camera shooting. Footej also has the automated GIF function that takes the images in a burst and converts them into GIFs.

The Footej Camera 2 base app includes a wide range of functions. A premium upgrade of the Footej Camera 2 Premium package can increase the number of shots in a short burst (limited to 20 images in the version) and is free) and will improve JPEG or GIF quality. The Premium package adds a histogram and reduces the burst time to below 500 milliseconds.

Price: USD 7.99

Organizing ProCam in a straightforward layout, with an intuitive scrolling and stepper adjustment, ProCam 8 and its predecessors are said to have been in the style of DSLR cameras. The Camera is manual-operated (shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance control), and manual focus assistance, focus peaking, and zebra stripes are available for each video and photo set. ProCam 8 is a full-featured application for iOS photographers.

Additionally, RAW shooting, TIFF file format support three-shot HDR Auto Exposure Bracketing, a live histogram of light levels, adjustable aspect ratios, and still photos captured while recording video all contribute to an application that can help maximize the use of iOS smartphone camera technologies.

There are several modes for shooting, including burst mode, low shutter speeds, portrait-mode and time-lapse. If your phone has two or more cameras, ProCam 8 has a 3D Photo mode, also known as “Wigglegram,” which creates animated images that replicate the 3D effect.

A focus loupe provides an enhanced view of the scene. Additionally, numerous editing tools permit additional enhancements during post-production. In addition, ProCam 8’s Photo Editing Extension offers non-destructive editing with 60 filters, seventeen lens effects, 19 different tools for adjustment, and the ability to batch photos. ProCam 8 is an app that is packed with features and features. If you’re dedicated to iPhoneography and are looking to advance it to the next step, this app is an excellent choice.


And there, you have 12 of the top camera applications available to iOS and Android photographers.

There is a myriad of helpful phone camera applications. There are so many available that it’s nearly impossible to go through each one. However, the apps reviewed in this list can all be used to expand the possibilities of creativity offered by photography.


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